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"MASKS" - (Part I: SENTIENT) The first chapter, "Sentient" introduces us to Steve and Marcus who were best friends in high school. They now lead very different lives, but meet again at a Halloween party long after graduation. After venturing to Marcus' secluded family home deep in the woods, they encounter "The Mask" and their lives unravel with deadly consequences. (Part II: FACADE) The second chapter, "Façade" is a prequel to "Sentient" that shows how the man became "The Mask" and the internal struggle that later leads to murder. When Tim comes home from work, he finds his best friend waiting for him in a disoriented state. While trying to inquire and remedy the situation, he comes to find out that his childhood friend is no longer there and a darker, dormant presence is taking shape. (Part III: EXORDIUM) The third chapter, "Exordium" shows how Steve's life is affected by his encounter with "The Mask" and the events that took place at the home of his friend Marcus. As Steve sits drinking in a bar, he sees a news report about the death of Marcus. His only thought is to score drugs from Mick. Mick makes the mistake of trying to take advantage of Steve just as he is realizing that drugs aren't his addiction. Power is.
Steve and Marcus were best friends in high school. They now lead very different lives, but meet again at a Halloween party long after they graduated. After venturing to Marcus' secluded family home deep in the woods, their lives unravel with deadly consequences. Steve tries to move on, but the encounter with The Mask changes him forever.
I have been following the progress of the Masks Trilogy since first hearing about it in 2013 and was really looking forward to it. I saw it at the Terror Film Festival and it was well worth the wait! <br/><br/>Masks is comprised on three short film segments (Sentient, Façade and Exordium) that are edited together into a 41 minute featurette. <br/><br/>**Spoilers Ahead**<br/><br/>SENTIENT: The featurette opens with the murder of a homeless drunk named Kruck (Jesus M. Villanueva) who falls victim to a killer in a silver skull mask. <br/><br/>From here we meet Steve (Roberto Lombardi) who had run into his high school friend Marcus (Walter DeShields) at a bar. They decide to take the party to Marcus&#39;s house, but instead of a party, they come face to face with The Mask (Anthony Horton). The Mask knocks out Marcus and forces Steve to confront his demons by terrorizing him. One thing leads to another and two of the three don&#39;t survive. <br/><br/>FACADE: A prequel to Sentient, Façade shows the transformation of a family man into The Mask. The gnawing feeling of murder transforms him into a killer whose first victim is his good friend Tim (director Charles A. Christman III - Roberto Lombardi directs this segment). <br/><br/>EXORDIUM: Finally, the story turns to days after Sentient where drug addict Steve is in a bar watching a news segment about the murder of Marcus. He decides to score drugs from Mick (W. Keith Sgrillo) who makes the mistake of trying to swindle Steve. Steve then realizes his true addiction is power, not drugs, and goes through his own transformation similar to The Mask. <br/><br/>REVIEW: The direction, story, cinematography and music are amazing and engaging. The film flows very naturally and is quite scary. The acting is absolutely fantastic throughout. Especially the encounter between Steve and The Mask in Sentient, The gradual transformation of The Mask in Façade and the confrontation between Steve and Mick in Exordium. All the better due to the inventive camera angles and choice of shots throughout. <br/><br/>Highly recommended!!

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